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Job description:
1. College English/business English/international trade, passed the national 4/6 test, with more than one year's working experience;
2. Good professional ethics and dedication;
3. Strong communication skills, able to skillfully and actively communicate with customers by telephone and EMAIL, understand customers' real needs, remove customers' doubts, and achieve bilateral cooperation;
4. Proficient in computer operation, including basic operating system and office software, familiar with applications of MSN, Skype, Outlook, Google and Office2003;
5. Familiar with the promotion and application of B2B paid online promotion platform and free online platform;
6. Good working plan and execution, earnest/positive, practical and steady, able to work under pressure and able to work overtime;
7. Have a strong team spirit, maintain a good mutual assistance relationship with colleagues, always consider the overall situation of the company's development, abandon the concept of individual egoism;
8. Develop together with the company and make great progress and improvement on the basis of constantly creating achievements for the company. The company attaches great importance to personal development and provides a platform suitable for personal development and a scientific and rich compensation plan.
9. The minimum annual salary is 30,000 yuan, with no ceiling, and various salary schemes are provided.

Job requirements:
1. Age: 25-30.
2. Foreign language: cet-6 or above, fluent oral English.
3. Work experience and professional skills: more than 1 year experience in metal products export, familiar with foreign trade operation process, skilled in handling documents.
4. Computer skills: proficient in using PC and daily office software.

Other requirements:
1. Excellent character, dedication and teamwork spirit.
2. Able to work under strong pressure and work conscientiously and carefully.
3. Good at communicating with customers and colleagues and good at coordination.

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